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Dear friends and family of AOSM We wish  to share with you the good news that we are reopening for consultation and physiotherapy from Monday, 18 th May 2020.

Due  to present unprecedented situation we were closed for almost 2 months from 21st March till 18th of May. In present circumstances we are aware that the problem of Corona virus has not completely settled but the lock down has done its purpose and now we need to gradually start our work with all precautions to safeguard ourselves, patients, family, doctors and staff by keeping our environment safe.

We are taking all due precautions that are perceivable and recommended by the various authorities. Precautions taken at AOSM center:

  • Every person entering the center would be requested to sanitise their hands and if possible feet, wear a mask and to touch anything at the center as minimum as possible .
  • All the staff would be wearing the mask and disposable gloves, doctors would be taking extra precautions and be wearing a face shield in addition. 
  • The cleanliness and disinfection will be our first priority – all floors will be washed regularly with clean water and sodium hypochlorite as advised by the authorities. All door handles, chairs, table surfaces to be cleaned regulary by silver oxide and hydrogen peroxide, having no residue or any untoward effect to humans. 
  • The patient will be seen purely by prior appointment which will be prioritised according to the need. We will be taking only few appointments so that they are well spread out and no waiting or interaction of one patient with the other keeping safety in mind. 
  • At the time of booking initial appointment, a small WhatsApp-based questionnaire will be sent to you to get the information of:
    1. Age, your present problem,any other medical problem, your place of residence, is your area in Covid containment zone, any history of fever cough or contact with any Covid patient.
    2.  On receiving the filled form , if all is okay, a confirm appointment will be given to visit the     center.
  • Social distancing should be maintained by self – Patients are advised to come all by themselves without any attendant. Minor or elderly may have one accompanying person. All patients are  requested to wear a mask at all times during your visit to AOSM.
  • Sanitising – On arrival to AOSM you are requested to get your temperature checked by non contact thermometer scanner, sanitise hands at the entrance and reach the reception area without touching anything. For extra safety disposable gloves will be available should you find it more comfortable.
  • Electronic contactless interaction-All the transactions would have already been done at the time of appointment to prevent patient contact from any object as far as possible. 
  • Doctors consultation –All materials used will be disposable which will be changed after each consultation, precaution of sanitisation , face mask & shield will be in place.
  • Physiotherapy session will be with all sanitisation precautions , disposable materials will be changed after every patient, all machines and equipment coming in touch with the patient will be cleaned with 70% alcohol-based chlorhexidine medical grade disinfectant.
  •  Ventilation – we all are aware of the importance of good ventilation and air exchange in the room. At AOSM we have made provision for windows to remain open in each room with negative pressure to keep air circulation.
  • See-off- After the session the doctor can help you with any queries you may  have, next appointment can be fixed and resanitizing done at the exit after discarding of protective gear. 

We hope to provide safe and sanitised environment to all to keep everybody healthy.