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Research is the route to improvement. As the center is committed to development there is always ongoing research on one or the other issues related to Orthopaedic and sports. This not only gives light to new ideas but also puts the center in league with all other facilities any where in the world.


There is a ongoing clinical research on the best choice in graft selection for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery. Anterior cruciate ligament is the commonest ligament injury of the knee leading to disability & lack of function in the knee resulting in significant drop in performance & capacity of the knee, There are various types of grafts that are used to reconstruct this ligament of which Bone Patella Tendon Bone(BPTB) and hamstring are two main types with each having benefits and disadvantages. There is an ongoing research & study of patients operated by the lead surgeon of the center where in both type of grafts are chosen randomly to compare the two grafts and to reach the result as to which one is better and why.


The other crucial part of the knee is cartilage – meniscus. It provides the shock absorption and smooth movement of the knee. It is commonly injured in sports and other injury. The usual treatment of the meniscal tear is arthroscopic removal of torn meniscus ,which leads to arthritis and joint problems in long term. There is ongoing research AOSM Centre on ‘how to best preserve the meniscus and what are the best ways of repairing a torn meniscus’. Meniscal repair is a routine procedure performed by surgeons at AOSM.


Shoulder dislocation and instability with the pain is common in sports person involved in the racket sports and sports intense on shoulder like wrestling, rugby , kabaddi. The best way to fix the problem of repeated dislocation is arthroscopic repair of torn tissue that results in  shoulder ball dislocation. To repair this town tissue in shoulder minute screws are used which are also called anchors. There are several types of anchors having different properties, configuration, material. There is a ongoing research on which type of anchor material and configuration is best for the repair of shoulder tissue to prevent recurrent dislocation