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Medical Tourism

The clinic is fully equipped & geared with facility on the lines of UK & US Orthopedic and Sport medicine clinics primarily because the lead clinician of the clinic Dr. Prateek Gupta has spent over 7 years in UK and USA where he did his extensive training and than practiced at various Orthopedic and Sports medicine facilities in UK and USA.


The clinic is setup for working on the same lines of management as abroad as a result Medical Tourism has been a regular part of clinic. Some of the patient from abroad are:


Mr. L.S From cork, Ireland – Flew from Cork to India – was checked in the clinic on Tuesday and was operated (for his ankle problem for which he waited over a year in Ireland) on Wednesday. Recovered in hospital for 2 days and flew to Goa on Saturday. Here he had a peaceful post operative recovery. A week later he returned to Delhi had stitches removed and started rehab. He attended the rehab facility for 3 days before he flew back to Cork. Further rehab was continued through telecommunication. Patient doing well after surgery.


M.D a 50-year-old lady from London. Visiting to India with persisting problem of clicking and locking in Left knee for which she was being seen by local doctor in London and was awaiting further treatment. She had some aggravation of problem during her stay here in Delhi for which she consulted Dr. Prateek Gupta and was convinced about the facility and she underwent Arthroscopy of the knee for meniscal problem. She made good recovery and then flew back to London after 2 weeks. She continues to do well and Rehab for her is via internet.


M. F 46-year-old prominent Cricketer from Middle East after reading about the clinic, sent in his records of problems in both knees. The records including Blood test, X-rays, MRI, were screened and was diagnosed to have a patellofemoral problem both Knees. He flew to Delhi and was checked in the clinic and workup was done by Lead clinician Dr. Prateek Gupta and 2 days later he underwent bilateral knee arthroscopy procedure. After 4 days of post operative care in the hospital in Delhi, he flew to Kerala where he stayed at Kerala Ayurveda treatment centre for peaceful post operative recovery. 10 days later he flew back to the clinic and was re-examined with removal of stiches. Initial rehab for 4 days was done at the clinic before he flew back home. He is now in constant touch with the clinic through email and is doing well.


T. C 28/M another patient from UAE who had continuous problem in his Left knee following a twisting injury. He was seen and investigated locally and was diagnosed as ligament injury. He underwent Arthroscopy & rehab there but the symptoms persisted. He heard about the AOSM clinic and sent in his records which were examined by the experts at the clinic and was called in for repeat surgery for his knee ailment. He was operated very next day after his arrival for his ligament problem. He spent 12 days in India recovering postoperatively after that he flew back to Dubai. His post op rehab continues over the net with the physio’s in the clinic.


T. B. 25/F a US and UK citizen. She had injury to her right knee following a skiing accident in US in Dec06. She torn her Anterior Cruciate ligament in this accident which continued to give her symptoms. She was temporarily posted in Delhi to return back to US at the end of 07. She came to know about the AOSM clinic and visited Dr. Prateek Gupta. She was explained about the injury and the treatment plan of Ligament reconstruction. She took a full tour of the facility of the clinic and the Hospital including Operation room facilities. In her own words she found it at par with facilities in USA and better than some of the facilities in UK. She decided to undergo surgery under the clinic even though she had the option of returning back to USA and getting it done there later in the year. She is now through with her ligament surgery in April 07 and is making a very good recovery.