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Olecranon Bursities

Olecranon bursitis is a condition characterized by swelling, redness and pain at the tip of the elbow.




Olecranon bursitis can occur due to following causes :-


  • TRAUMA: A hard blow to the tip of the elbow can cause the bursa to produce excess fluid & swell.
  • PROLONGED PRESSURE: Leaning on the tip of the elbow for long periods of time on hard surfaces like table top, may cause bursa to swell.
  • INFECTION: If an injury at the tip of the elbow breaks the skin after a RTA, insect bite or puncture wound, bacteria may get inside the bursa and cause an infection.



  • Swelling: the first symptom of the elbow bursitis is swelling.
  • Pain: As the swelling continues the bursa begins to stretch which causes pain. The swelling may grow large enough to restrict range of motion






  • Aspiration: this is commonly performed as an OPD procedure. Fluid removal helps to relieve symptoms and also can be send for culture to help doctor to decide with antibiotics for your problems.
  • Elbow pads: Can be used to cushion your elbow.
  • Activity change: avoid activities that cause direct pressure to your swollen elbow.
  • NSAID: Anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling.


CORTICOSTUOID INJECTION are not commonly given as a first line of treatment because they have not been shown to effective in long term.


PRP: platelet rich plasma is a new treatment technique with no side effect and shows good result.


PHYSIOTHERIPY: you physiotherapist will start strengthening exercise for progressive loading of tendon with specific strength training.