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Agility is the ability to maintain or control body position while quickly changing direction during a series of movements. Agility training is thought to be a re-enforcement of motor programing through neuromuscular conditioning and neural adaptation of muscle. Agility is a combination of speed and coordination. An athlete who displays good agility will most likely possess other qualities such as dynamic balance, spatial awareness and rhythm as well as visual processing. The basic methodology of agility training implies the learning of a basic walking technique, running technique, change of direction, jumps and landings.


Agility drills include:


  • Ladder drills
  • Cones or dots drills
  • Plyometric hurdles
  • Plyometric box agility
  • Equipment based agility



Agility fitness test:


Athlete is given a Sports specific agility drill exercises and are analyzed and scored accordingly. The athlete is then given set of drill exercises and flexibility and strengthening exercise according to the analysis.