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AOSM: The Best Physiotherapy Centre Delhi – Services Offered in the Physio Centre

A+ Orthopaedic and sports medicine physiotherapy centre is the leading physiotherapy clinic in Delhi, that serves as a one-stop source for the treatment of all types of sports injuries.
We have a team of certified therapists, who provide world-class physiotherapy services. Each therapist specialises in providing physiotherapy treatment for a particular field of sports. Specialists workup the performance and fitness of a sportsperson and provide the right treatment accordingly. The cutting-edge technologies and modalities like shockwave therapy, electrotherapy, dry needling and manual therapy are used to treat various kinds of sports injuries. We also perform running assessment, visceral manipulation, provide agility training, and right posture advice, which are the requisites for optimum performance of a sportsperson.
From the league of top physiotherapists in Delhi, our specialists carry years of experience and professional expertise in offering physical therapy services & treatment that are focused on restoring complete physical movement and wellness of the body. To facilitate the entire recovery process, they provide customized recovery program according to the injury associated with the specific sport-type.
As the best physiotherapy treatment provider in Delhi, we conduct specially designed agility drills that are useful to get the desired mobility of the body required in sports activities. The therapist specialised in the treatment of issues related to marathon, looks after the athletic issues, and prescribes training routine, while the other therapist specialised in the field of visceral manipulations looks after the aches and pains of the sports person.
We follow a patient-oriented approach by giving them ample time to first express their symptoms and challenges, then we assess their condition in all aspects, and prepare an effective physiotherapy treatment plan. While creating the customized plan, we also aim at their performance goals, expectations, and lost potential, so that we can get them the treatment that places them back on the competitive edge.
Overall, the emphasis is on providing the specialised treatment for every sports injury, and improve the fitness level of the sportsperson as a whole.