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At A+OSM our primary goal is to ensure that our clients enjoy the Best Arthroscopy surgeon services and excellent physical health/fitness and are able to do all that they want to, without pain and injury.


AOSM has a long history of providing exceptional international standard care to the players of various sports and other active community.


We are a team of highly qualified sports surgeon that excels in identifying your problem and ensuring your fast return to sports, other physical activities and maintaining your optimum health. Whether you are an amateur, elite or non sports-men, our experienced team at the sports center are here to help.



At AOSM we are committed to provide the best health care facility for prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal injury for an early return to sports


We encompass all aspects of sports medicine including top sports surgeon, sports physician, sports physiotherapists, Nutritionist, Orthopaedic consultant and sports psychologist along with our humble staff who look after patient with care and love.


In addition to the clinical work our team carried out research as well as education and training and fellowship program to help in advanced understanding of these issues. The location of our center makes it easily accessible to all the patients visiting us.



Our mission is comprehensive state of the art/ latest/cutting edge orthopaedic, sports medicine and rehab services delivered by a team of qualified work fascinated doctor and courteous staff working together with one joint goal /vision of providing / achieving uncompromised excellence in orthopaedic care.


We are committed to understand the needs of those we are privileged to serve, earn and maintain the trust and respect of our patient by doing more than their expectation and striving forever improvement at every level.



The healthcare facility for athlete was in very nascent stages when the center was set up with the vision to provide the best Arthroscopy surgeon and comprehensive medical facilities for athlete. One and all should be able to get best Orthopaedic and modern sports medicine care. We wish to nurture the carrier of our precious sports person so that they can excel in performance of their sports at national and international level. Vision is to broaden the definition of athlete and extend it from a well established athlete but also to industry worker, a parent, young sports enthusiast, occasional athlete, weekend warrier, active senior citizen and keep growing the list longer and longer.