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Sports Medicine – Fellowship


The experts at A+OSM center taking care of patients are attached to and perform procedure in one of the most well equipped and prestigious hospital of Delhi where there is a opportunity for the young/budding doctors interested in Sports medicine and Orthopaedic and becoming the best Arthroscopy surgeon to enhance their skill by spending time with faculty not only from AOSM center but also other eminent surgeons of Delhi and India.


A sports medicine fellowship has been running successfully with Dr. Prateek Kumar Gupta for last 4 years with 6 young orthopaedic doctors have undergone training getting good experience in the field of orthopaedics, sports medicine and sports medicine working full time at the Centre. There is a constant interaction programme with national and international faculty where in the pioneers in the field of orthopaedics, Arthroscopy and Sports medicine visit us and perform the expert procedures and discuss with all interested medical faculty thus leading to improvement in knowledge and skills of all. There is an exchange programme planned for the trainee to train at other specialist centre in India and abroad to further their knowledge and skills in the field.


Once every year a national level conference on Sports Medicine and associated issue is held on first Saturday of March every year – SMAW. Here experts from all over India come together to demonstrate skills in arthroscopy, sports medicine and other allied subjects. The workshop which started in 2004 is a two day event and continue same till date with the 16th edition  to be held on March 2020.