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A+OSM Centre is the state of the Art Orthopaedic, Sports medicine and rehab facility located in the heart of South Delhi. It is committed to provide latest cutting edge medical treatment to all.


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Our courteous reception is on their toes from morning 8 AM to 8 PM ready to talk to you, take calls, organise appointment with doctors, help in getting investigation. They are always ready to give any support required.


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Orthopedic/Sports med consultation


With over 25 years of experience, the lead doctor of the Centre is available throughout the week for consultation regarding any musculoskeletal issue, injury, sports condition or any other orthopaedic problem. The Centre is catering to many national sports bodies and also now helping international teams and associations in dealing with sports related injuries and their management for their players.


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Pain Management


All sports as a natural by-product can lead to injury and pain. The Centre is geared to look after all kinds of injury and pain. Chronic condition where the original injury has healed sometimes leaves behind pain and discomfort which is difficult to manage for athletes . Our pain specialist are able to help with such chronic pain to enhance the performance of our athlete.


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Physio facility


Centre offers one of the best Rehab facilities in India. Backed by a team of over 10 strong physiotherapist under guidance of two sports specialised head therapist, the team has each therapist specialising in particular field of orthopaedics and sports rehab. The team provides specialised sports rehab depending on sports pursued by their patients and for other orthopaedic and medical fields also.


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Athlete training programme


The Centre is having world-class athlete training and conditioning program in its latest and athlete friendly sports rehab gym located in the heart of the facility. Sports specific physio and trainer, work with athlete,  chalking out program to meet their goals and improve performance to keep them fit and free of injuries.


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Event coverage


The centre provides coverage to all sports event all over Delhi and NCR. The “on the field” team of experts are available to provide on the ground, at the event medical and physio back up for any sports event. The Centre has been providing coverage too many prestigious event in Delhi and NCR like

  • British School
  • American school
  • Ironman
  • Marathons
  • DDCA screening
  • Basketball Association
  • Wrestling Association


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Gurugram Facility


A+OSM has expanded its work by opening a satellite Centre in Sushant Lok Gurugram. Large part of Delhites has started to live in Gurugram and hence the need for expansion arose.

Another state of the art facility of rehab for sports and orthopaedics  has been started under the guidance of well experienced senior therapist. The Centre is providing the cutting edge latest and appropriate rehab physio support to athlete and all general population in Gurugram area.


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