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AOSM Orthopaedic and Sports Med Center


At AOSM our primary goal is to provide our clients the best Arthroscopy & Physiotherapy services. We have best Orthopaedic facility to ensure the best Joint Replacement results so that our clients enjoy excellent physical health/fitness and are able to do all that they want to without pain and injury.


AOSM has a long history of providing exceptional international standard care to the players of various sports and other active community.


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At AOSM we are committed to provide the best Arthroscopy, best joint replacement and best orthopaedic facility long with physiotherapy for prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal injury for an early return to sports.


We in encompass all aspects of sports medicine including best Arthroscopy, top sports surgeon, sports physician, sports physiotherapist, nutritionist, best orthopaedic consultant and Joint replacement along with our humble staff who look after patient with care and love.


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Our mission is comprehensive state of the art/ latest/cutting edge orthopaedic, best arthroscopy, sports medicine and rehab services Delivered by a team of well qualified fascinated doctor and courteous staff working together with one joint goal / vision of providing / achieving uncompromised excellence in best orthopaedic care.


The healthcare facility for athlete was in very nascent stages when the center was set up with the vision to provide the latest and best Arthroscopy & Physiotherapy  facilities for athlete “one and all” should be able to get Possibly best Orthopaedic and modern sports medicine care, we wish to nurture the carrer of our precious sports person so that they can excel in performance of their sports at national and international level with state of the Art Physiotherapy facility offered by the center. Vision is to broaden the definition of athlete and extend to from…


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Dr. Prateek Kumar Gupta


Dr PrateekDr. Prateek Kumar Gupta is highly trained arthroscopy and sports surgeon in New Delhi India, specialising in sports medicine, arthroscopic surgery, joint replacement along with other orthopaedic injury treatment. He treats sports injury and other orthopaedic injuries including foot, ankle, hip, elbow with special interest in knee and shoulder issues that hinders patient/players quality of life.


Dr. Prateek. has done his specialised training in UK and USA over 10 years. He is presently the President of Indian Arthroscopy society and in past held similar…


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Dr. Jaya S. Radhwani
Dr. Jaya S. Radhwani
Head Physio A+OSM - BPT, MPT (musculoskeletal)

Dr Jaya Shahani Radhwani with her 17 years of experience in the field heads the Department of physiotherapy at AOSM. She is accredited and registered with Indian Association of physiotherapy (IAP) and Delhi council of physiotherapist (DCPT) and holds Masters in musculoskeletal. She has extensive certifications in Manual therapy, Dry needling, Kynesio & sports taping, Core strengthening, Theraband and functional training, craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation, Kinetic control and Neural mobilisation from NOI, Australia. She holds Structural integration degree from Global school of structural integration Florida, USA and has completed a full fellowship in Sports. She is a senior therapist well established in the field of Orthopaedics and sports issues who regularly consults to assess, diagnose and manage all rehabilitation issues for not only sports persons from all fields of sports but also physically active people of all age groups. She is expert at assessment of abnormal movements of the spine, orthopaedic assessment, core building, soft tissue (deep tissue) release and Functional manual training (FMT).

Manual therapy specialist & certified structural integrator
Dr. Rahul Mishra
Dr. Rahul Mishra
Trained chiropractor - BPT, CMT

Certified in manual therapy, chiropractic manipulation, dry needling, taping, Kinetic controll, myofascial release, visceral and osteopathic manipulation. He is expert with over five years’ experience in high velocity manipulation and manual technique who also helps patient to improve performance by doing advanced and adaptive skills. His art of combining rehabilitation exercise and multiple techniques within his treatment has worked with all patients whether be a common office worker or an athlete. His approach to treating is evidence based looking at combination of patient education, exercise and manual therapy for the individual.

Specialist shoulder therapist
Dr. Suhail Quadir
Dr. Suhail Quadir
Expert “martial art therapist” - BPT, MPT musculoskeletal

Well experienced therapist with over five years’ experience of treating musculoskeletal Sports Injuries in national & international athletes with advanced manual therapy techniques done on evidence based medicine. His understanding of postural correction and ergonomic of human body has made him excel in corporate musculoskeletal issues. His certification in manual therapy, dry needling and chiropractor therapy helps him to treat all postural issues. His devotion to on-site assessment and treatment of all martial art related issues and gym activity has led him to be known as frontline therapist for any activity related issue for all patients.

Specialist in Spine and back issues, Expert in Postural correction
Dr. Gautam Gupta
Dr. Gautam Gupta
Shock wave specialist/trainer - BPT, MPT (sports)

Highly qualified physiotherapist with Masters Specialisation in sports and up to date with all advance and recent physiotherapy rehabilitation principles has been involved for over five years in working with national and international athletes. Best known for assessment, diagnosis and in recovery management of critical as well as chronic Sports related injuries. His past experience in managing a wide Range of injuries and health issues of athlete assist him in prescribing exercise program that utilises strength and cardiovascular training. His desire to help people recover from injuries has made him to excel in shock wave and kinetic control along with dry needling, myofascial cupping, strength and conditioning. His work ethics and enthusiasm has made him a therapist for many Sports bodies like national hockey team, international Indian tennis players and Afghanistan international cricket team.

Special interest shoulder and knee, Specialist sports therapist for cycling and mountaineering.
Dr. Rajlaxmi Sawant
Dr. Rajlaxmi Sawant
Specialist football and marathon running - BPT, MPT sports

Diploma in FIFA football medicine she is specialist of on-field and off-field sports injury management, spine condition management and visceral manipulation with over five years’ experience. She is certified in manual and high velocity manipulation therapy, dry needling technique, dynamic typing technique, kinetic control therapy, myofascial release therapy, vestibular rehabilitation, PNF technique for neuromuscular motor control rehabilitation, pre-and post-knee surgery rehabilitation. Expert of various on-field and off-field sports events and triathlons, she has an experience of treating and training national and international athletes of sports including cricket, tennis, table tennis, badminton, squash, boxing, cycling, swimming, MMA, shooting and football. Certified Pilates instructor she is able to look after overall well-being of athlete.

Special interest Foot, Ankle & Knee
Dr. Tushar Bansal
Dr. Tushar Bansal
Specialized : knee therapist - BPT

Well known for his manual therapy skills he has more than five years of experience in clinical practice and fitness over this period he has practised different manual therapy skills and excelled in the field. He prides himself on transferring the knowledge gained to assess, diagnose and treat the patients more effectively and believes that “a good corrective exercise and engaging clients in fitness to perform more precisely” is the core to successful outcome. Renowned therapist specialising in Mulligan therapy, dry needling, myofascial release, cupping therapy he is known for developing condition related strength training programs. He uses his expertise in a variety of settings to help restore, optimise and enhance patient’s performance and most notably worked extensively with a variety of post-operative and sports relate condition rehabilitation with emphasis on the player to get back to their work and concerned sports. He has been looking after some common orthopaedic conditions like arthritis of the knee and has special interest in sports injuries of the knee like ACL, PCL, meniscus injury and pattalo-femoral issues.

Specialist sports therapist for Tennis
Dr. Shalini Sharma
Dr. Shalini Sharma
Specialist Geriatric therapist - BPT, MPT

Dr Shalini Sharma (PT) is a musculoskeletal therapist with 8+ years of experience in treating patients of different ailments. She believes in holistic approach towards rehabilitation and strongly believes that human body is made for movement. Certified Mulligan practitioner, she is registered on Brian Mulligan website and has been practising Mulligan for more than 5 years now and treated many patients with great results. Her deep interest in ergonomics and strong belief that “prevention is better than cure” has led her to specialise in advice on correct use of office and home settings while working to avoid any injuries and pain. She is consultant to many of clients for their workplace and home settings. She has a keen interest in geriatric rehabilitation and specialises in their return to recovery. Her philosophy is that every patient is different and so are their needs which let her to tailor make research based protocols that ensure that her patience live their life to fullest. She is dedicated to looking after elderly so that they can perform the activities of daily living with ease.

Special interest Hand and Elbow
Dr. Mayank Alok
Dr. Mayank Alok
BPT, MPT (enrolled)

Experienced and skilled physiotherapist excelling in healthcare, leadership and consulting. Fully trained manual therapist , he is certified in muscle energy technique and cervical mobilisation technique from manual therapy foundation of India . His area of experience is in field of marathon and international triathlon and has a passion for injury rehabilitation and getting an athlete back to optimal performance.

Dr. Neha Bhardwaj
Dr. Neha Bhardwaj
Sports Physiotherapist - MPT

Certified in sports taping and equipment training, she has on field physiotherapy experience in stadiums like Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi stadium, Talkatora, Delhi lawn tennis Association and sports injury Centre, Safdarjung.

Expert at developing fitness program with the kinetic control concept and body mechanics, manual release, strengthening and flexibility training for athlete and patients. She has good hands on and functional manual therapy skills for posture correction for better performance and results. Her thorough knowledge of assessment of uncontrolled movement and their corrective retraining enables her to help her patients with various musculoskeletal issues like back and neck pain, radiculopathy, tendinopathy, spine dysfunction and sports injuries.

Certified in antenatal care she understands the needs of patient’s well-being and motivates them towards a better and healthy lifestyle.

Specialist: Neck and Head issues
Dr. Priya Rajput
Dr. Priya Rajput
Specialist neuro physiotherapist - BPT

Physiotherapist Specialized focused on treatment of individuals with neurological conditions. She provides interventions which assist an individual to regain or maintain their maximum movement and functional independence. Her skills helps by adding in the development of new pathways through repetitions and exercise and different techniques of stretching, strengthening, balance, Re-education, gate re- education, joint mobilisation, electricals stimulation, postural exercise, spastic management, advice/education on lifestyle, fatigue management. She is expert at teaching adaptive techniques to help compensate for sensory loss, sensory re-education techniques that include touching different textured objects, massage, vibration, pressure, determining joint position, identifying different temperatures and electrical stimulation. Her knowledge of Bobath technique encourages a person to move in most normal and energy efficient way and prevent abnormal movement patterns.

Special interest in pelvis hip & Back

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