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Meniscus Repair

Meniscus tear is a common injury in sports where a forceful twisting of knee can cause the meniscus to tear.


Meniscus tears in different ways, and as per their look the common tear includes bucket handle, flap & radial.




The most common symptoms of meniscus tear are

  • Pain
  • Stiffness & swelling
  • Catching or locking of your knee
  • Unasie to move the knee through its full range of motion.

Meniscus tear, depending on their grade & symptoms needs addressal.


The reparability of a meniscus depends on the type of tear and the zone they are in, like tear in red on red zone, where there is good blood supply, tends to heal well after surgery.


Radial tears sometimes can be repaired, depending on where they are located.


Horizontal, flap and long standing degenerative tears, those caused by years of wear & tear are generally cannot be repaired.


Three different kinds of surgical techniques are used to repair the meniscus


  • Outside in
  • Inside out
  • All inside


Post surgery you are not allowed to move your knee for 2-3 weeks. A long knee brace is given for immobilization. Physio should begin immediately after surgery which includes.


  • Static Quads
  • Ankle Pumps


non-weight bearing walking, range of movements exercise, started after 3 weeks targeting 0-30° of flexion only.


Meniscal repair should be considered in young patients to improve the functional recovery of the knee joint, if they meniscus is repairable


It should be considered as an option, even in patient aged 60 years, having symptoms with minimal OA changes and if the meniscus is repairable.