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Dear Vimal,

I Still remember the first time we met. I was so desperate and anxious but had immediately a good feeling after I left the AOSM center.

Even on my darkest days You cheered me up, althrough I wasn't an easy patient at all but you told me, I will run again.

You didn't just say it to cheer me up, But you always gave me the feeling, you are 100% sure about it. This was the most important for me during this time and it helped me so much to be optimistic.

Thank you So humble for all the support and never let me giving up. You are doing your job with so much passion and patience, what I really admire.

Take care and Best wishes

Sophie | Company LogoSophie|

I Had been under treatment for pronation/ fallen arch at various clinics & had lost hope of any improvement. At AOSM in about 7/8 months Dr. Jaya took me under her wings along with Dr Tushar.

Special appreciation to Dr Jays and Dr Tushar who seems to have taken on my problem as a special challenge.

Many thanks to AOSM

Mrs Amita Singh | Company LogoMrs Amita Singh|

Dear Dr Jays and Dr Shubhangi,

Thanks for looking after me.

Starting the treatment at the AOSM Centre on In November when I could not move about without the help of a walker, by my final session on 18 January 2019. I have been able to walk again without assistance.

I expect to continue with the prescribed exercises once back home in the UK from next week.

Best wishes
Charles Lewis
As from 275 Banbury Road, Oxford Ox2 7JF, UK

Charles Lewis | Company LogoCharles Lewis|

"I Have been a frequent visitor to AOSM,I must pen down few of many observations while an visits.

First of all, the moment a patient enters the reception desk, a pleasant wide smile of Ms. Jayanti greets, taking away quite an amount of anxiety.

I would like to make a very special mention of Dr. Ms. Jaya. She is a master of her craft, extremely alert and intelligent.

I wish that your institute takes off to another level of expertise in future."

Rita Jain | Company LogoRita Jain|


A small token of my appreciation for helping resolve my constant back problems and for teaching me the importance of core strength at A+OSM.

Wish you all the best!

Arjun | Company LogoArjun|

Dear Dr. Prateek Kumar Gupta,

I am writing this mail to thank you and your team for helping me recover from a injury. I was struggling for about (8 months). All the very best A+OSM. A special word for Dr.Gautam Gupta at A+OSM. I found him to be very professional and humane. His understanding of the subject coupled with a very caring approach made the experience extra ordinary. Would like to thank him for helping me deal with this situation in my life

God bless!.

Titus | Company LogoTitus|