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Thumb Injury

A football player is tackling the ball carrier and his thumb gets caught in the jersey as he drags the call carrier to the ground. The athlete felt a “pop” and he is unable to grip with his hand. This could be a simple thumb metacarpal-phalangeal sprain (M-P) commonly known as “game-keeper’s thumb” or an avulsion fracture of the ligament.


If the M-P joint is dislocated, qualified medical care professionals can attempt on-site relocation. If repeated attempts to relocate the thumb are unsuccessful, the injury may require surgery. This is referred to as a Stenner lesion or “key-hole” injury.


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M-P Sprain

All of these injuries require immediate medical attention. Some injuries that do not run subungual hematoma (blood under the nail), torn nails, and small lacerations. All of these injuries are common in athletics and do require proper treatment to prevent complications.

Nail Injuries & Cuts

The subungual hematoma is extremely painful and can result in infection and loss of the nail if not treated properly. A direct blow to the tip of a finger can cause a contusion of the nail bed resulting in a hematoma. This blood causes great pain and pressure. Draining the blood can relieve this. This is accomplished by using a nail drill or heated straight pin. In both cases the implement is used to make a hole in the nail so that the accumulating blood can escape. This results in a decrease in the pain and may save the nail.