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A+ Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center – provides the services in professional manner to all , recreational and Elite athlete to enable them to reach full recovery with in a shortest period of time and join back their sports activity as early as possible.


The focus is on putting individuals back to their preinjury state, for this the clinic offers complete range of services focusing on prevention and treatment of injury and conditions arising from daily fitness activity, exercises, sport and any other martial or performing arts. The replacement wing provides state of the art counselling, pre surgery check and preparation, surgery, post op care and full rehab of patient back to normal life with motto of “relief beyond belief”



The professional services provided by the center to all physically active person are:


  • Sports Medicine an Orthopedic Consultation.
  • Pre Competition counselling.
  • Pre season assessment of athlete
  • Treatment of all sports & activity related injuries
  • Sports Message Therapy
  • Anthropometry
  • State of the art Rehab facility
  • Sports Psychologist
  • Sports performance Enhancement program
  • Sports Specific Trouble shooting
  • Sports related concussion assessment and treatment
  • Nutrition and Body Statistics
  • Prevention of injury & Enhancement of performance related research
  • Advise for above 50yrs regarding sports and activity
  • Golfing advise – to maximize the performance & minimize chances of injury
  • Arthritis Counselling
  • Replacement Surgery
  • Sports specific physiotherapy
  • Podiatrist
  • Orthotist – Orthosis and splint dispensing
  • Occupational therapist
  • Full surgical backup for treatment of an injury