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Dr. Prateek kr. Gupta

Consultant Orthopaedic and Sports Surgeon

Dr. Ashis Acharya

Consultant Lower Limb Surgeon

Dr. Vishwadeep Sharma

Consultant Upper Limb Surgeon

Dr. Anjeleena Gupta

Consultant Anesthesia and Pain Medicine

Dr. Rajat Gupta

Consultant Pain Medicine


Dr. Jaya S. Radhwani (PT)

Manual Therapist, Musculoskeltal physiotherapist

Dr. Vimal Sharma (PT)

Senior Sports Physiotherapist

Dr. Teneja Chanambam (PT)

Plastic Surgery Rehab & Hand Physiotherapist

Dr. Rahul Mishra (PT)

Hip & Knee Physiotherapist

Dr. Suhail Quadir (PT)

Ortho, Musculoskeletal physiotherapist

Dr. Gautam Gupta (PT)

Sports Physiotherapist

Dr. Shalini Sharma (PT)

Sports Physiotherapist

Dr. Rajlaxmi Sawant (PT)

Spine Physiotherapist

Dr Najmi (PT)

OBS & Gynae Physiotherapist

Dr Tushar (PT)

Geriatrics Physiotherapist

Dr. Shubhangi (PT)