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Meniscal Injuries


The one on the inner side is called medial meniscus and one on the outer as lateral meniscus are the shock absorbers of the luner and help to center the lunar joint during activity and minimize the amount of stress on the articular cartilage.


Studies show that when the ACL is torn approximately 50% of patients also tear their meniscus at the same time. If a part of the meniscus is torn, it can cause a significant amount of pain. Some tears in the meniscus can heal themselves, others may require surgical treatment to help them heal, and some meniscal tears create fragments that need to be removed.

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This illustrates the normal position of the menisci on the weight bearing surface of the tibial plateau. In the figure on the left, the medial and lateral menisci are seen on either side of the tibia. In the figure on right, there is a tear in the lateral meniscus.

Certain meniscal tears can be repaired. The ability to repair meniscal tears depends upon the type of tear, how long the meniscus has been torn, and how old the patient is. In general, younger patients with tears that are near to where the meniscus attaches to the capsule of the knee joint are better candidates for a meniscal repair than are older patients who have a tear that creates a free flap of meniscus. Meniscal tears can be repaired with either sutures, or special tacks that can be inserted arthroscopically.