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ACI (Autologous Chondrocyte Implantatim)

ACI is a treatment that is relatively new manage large acute & chronic procedure used to treat isolated full. Focal articular cartilage injuries thickness articular cartilage deflicts of the knee.


Procedure: An arthroscopic evaluation of the knee joint is done on the deflects is identified. The cartilage is harvested from less loaded in the knee.


The cartilage is sent to the lab for processing the chandrocylin are isolated and are expanded in vitro during 2 to 3 weeks.


The regenerated final amount of cells is then resent to the surgeon as a suspension.


The cells are the injected into the defect covered with a periosteum or fibrin glue.


After the procedure the patient is immobilized in a long knee brace and is not allowed to bear weight on the operated knee. Patient undergoes supervised and careful rehabilitation and rom exercise 10-30° is started after 3 weeks.


Programed to 0-90° from 6 weekly onwards.


Partial weight bearing started after 6 weeks followed by full weight bearing in 8 weeks return to sports specific activities is allowed at approx 6 months with return to full sports in 9-12 months following the procedures.


ACI is quite a successful procedure with recovery rates of about 85% in allowing the patients to return to pain free activities.