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Hockey Injuries

Lower Back Problems
Hockey players are always bending, looking down at the ball, aiming, and hitting. This constant bending motion can create aches and pains in the lower back area.

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Neck injury:

The same bending motion that affects the lower back can also strain the upper back and neck as well.

Foot Injury:

The lack of circulation, the unrelenting pressure on the heel, the tight lacings at the ankle—all of these can cause problems and leads to the foot injury



Hockey players are vulnerable to the painful inflammation of the tendon at the back of the leg. the twisting and turning of the game adds unrelenting pressure to the leg.

Cuts and bleeding:

Ice hockey has the added dimension of skates—with razor sharp blades. Fast, faster, faster still, the other team charges, sliding along on their skates. One player checks you, then another. Another falls—and cuts your arm with the bottom of his blade.

Spinal cord injury:

Sometimes the whole back is involved in a fall if player falls backward, right on his backs. If a player injures his spinal cord, he might not be able to move. As in football, head, neck, and back injuries can occur with poor technique.

Broken bones:

Even with the use of shoulder pads, shin guards, and other gear, bones can get broken. A player might look like a superpower hero from Star Wars, but one bad check to the boards, and a twist or an awkward fall can bypass protection and cause a break.