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Finger Injury


Finger injuries in athlete are very common. Most of these injuries are small however, some can be major. It is very important, especially in the skeletally immature athlete, to not miss a potentially debilitating injury.


An Athletic Trainer will be the front line medical professional with athletes and many times will treat the injury immediately after it has occurred.


Any finger injury that is sustained should be seen by a physician and have x-rays performed. These patients are very susceptible to developing debilitating joint arthritis later in adulthood.


Volar Plate Avulsion Fracture

Loose Fragment Avulsion Fracture


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Stability is provided by collateral ligament & Treatment for collateral ligament injuries ranges from buddy taping (taping one finger to another next to it) to splinting with a finger immobilizer. Young teenage or pre-teens should be x-rayed to rule out a collateral ligament avulsion fracture.Injury may require in surgical fixation of the avulsed fragment to ensure proper healing.


Collateral Avulsion Fracture


A less common injury to the finger may result in a boutonnière deformity. This injury is the result of an axial load on the tip of the finger. The load results in the deformity shown in this picture. This injury is characterized by incomplete extension of the PIP and hyper extension of the DIP. The fibers of the central slip of the finger extensor tendon rupture. The lateral bands of the same tendon move palmar, flexing the DIP. This injury may result in surgical intervention to repair the damage. Most often, the injury is not severe enough for surgery and splinting for 12 weeks is appropriate.