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Boxing Injuries


Boxing is a very attractive & exciting sports but is also associated with higher chance of injury.

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Injuries Resulting from Boxing


Head Injury


Boxing may account for fewer deaths than some other sports but the numbers of boxers suffering brain damage are believed to be much higher than recorded.


It is not surprising that head injury is so common in boxing. It is estimated that when a boxer gets a direct blow to the head it is like being hit by a 12lb padded, wooden mallet traveling at 20mph!


Being hit on the head can cause fractures to the bone of the head and face and tissue damage in the brain. A blow can damage the surface of the brain, tear nerve networks, cause lesions, bleeding and sometimes produce large clots within the brain.


The degree of damage suffered by boxers will depend on professional or amateur status. Professional boxers suffer from the cumulative effect of damage to the brain, often resulting in punch drunk’ syndrome. The evidence of damage suffered by amateur boxers are less clear a number of studies found no evidence of cumulative brain damage.

Body Damage from Boxing


Cuts, bruises, broken teeth, dental problems, broken ribs, internal bleeding damage to internal organs.


Eye Injuries from Boxing


Although protected by very hard bone on the side eyes are very vulnerable to direct hits from below. Damage to the eyes in boxing can result from direct contact or from shock waves set up in fluid contents. Depending on the force of the blow damage may result in injury to the retina, retinal detachment, retinal hemorrhage, etc.


occur and when they do, that they receive immediate medical attention to lessen the severity as much as possible.