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Dr. Shalini Sharma

Dr Shalini Sharma (PT) is a musculoskeletal therapist with 8+ years of experience in treating patients of different ailments. She believes in holistic approach towards rehabilitation and strongly believes that human body is made for movement. Certified Mulligan practitioner, she is registered on Brian Mulligan website and has been practising Mulligan for more than 5 years now and treated many patients with great results. Her deep interest in ergonomics and strong belief that “prevention is better than cure” has led her to specialise in advice on correct use of office and home settings while working to avoid any injuries and pain. She is consultant to many of clients for their workplace and home settings. She has a keen interest in geriatric rehabilitation and specialises in their return to recovery. Her philosophy is that every patient is different and so are their needs which let her to tailor make research based protocols that ensure that her patience live their life to fullest. She is dedicated to looking after elderly so that they can perform the activities of daily living with ease.